Building + Zoning

The Village's Building Inspection Department is responsible for issuing permits, conducting inspections and enforcing the zoning code. The goal of the Department is to provide professional and cost-effective inspection services that will ensure that our homes and businesses are constructed correctly and with quality materials in order to preserve public safety and neighborhood property


Building Inspector:

        Paul Hahn

        Phone: 715-526-2380

        Cell: 715-250-3233

        Office Hours:  by Appointment

Building & Zoning Permits

Zoning Administrator:

        John Gutho

        Phone: 715-881-0808

       Office Hours:  by Appointment

Building and Zoning permits are needed for a variety of projects.  Some examples of projects that would need a building permit are:


       Building a new house | Building an addition to your house | Building a garage

       Building a deck, fence or pool | New wiring |Installing a new furnace or a/c

       New plumbing | Changing the pitch of your roof


If a zoning permit is required, you must obtain this before the building permit. Please allow adequate time for obtaining these permits as our inspectors are not full time employees.