$10/per day & machine 

$5 discount for campers 


$30/per day & machine

$5 discount for campers 

Season Trail Pass


Jeep/4x4: $250



Mon-Sun: 8am-dusk 


8 Mile Trail

Mon-Sun 8am-Dusk


2 Mile Trail

Fri-Sat: 10am-4pm 

Sun: 10am-1pm 

Challenge Track

Fri-Sat: 10am-4pm 

Sun: 10am-1pm


Camp & Ride 

$5 Off Daily Trail Fee


When you arrive to Tigerton OHV Park & Campground you are required to stop at the office to register your machine. Everyone is required to sign waivers. All machines on our trails must be properly registered. Trail fees are per machine/per day. Helmets are required for ATVS & OHM riders. Jeep/4x4 trail riders typically need a inspection prior to using the trails but, because of it being late in the season we are waving this until next spring. Inspections are not required for UTV, ATV or OHM machines. Trails are heavily monitored. Any reckless driving is not acceptable we have the right to ask any person to leave the park. Our office is closed for the season so you will self-register by following the instructions posted on the window of registration building.

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Trail Rules and Regulations

Restrictions on motor vehicles:

Full Size, Trucks, Golf Carts, Three Wheel ATV's , Mini Bikes, Go Karts, and other vehicles not specifically mentioned are banned from the park. This is strictly enforced. As of 2021 Jeep/4x4s need to be inspected prior to using our trail system. You can get your vehicle inspected on one of the scheduled dates above. 


  • Current DNR ATV registration is required for all ATV's & SXSs in the Park. 

  • All machine operators shall pay required fees and sign any agreement or waiver before use of the park.

  • Vehicles must be registered and insured. 

  • Jeep/4x4 park users must have there vehicle inspected to use our trail system. This can be done on one of the scheduled days listed above. During the inspection we will go through the our checklist and complete paperwork. 

Machine Operation Rules:

  • Helmets are required for all ATVs, UTVs, OHMs. 

  • No person shall operate an Machine at a speed of more than 15 mph in the park area unless on the challenge course or trail system.

  • DNR regulations on operation of ATV including youthful operation apply.

  • Helmets are required for all ATV, UTV, OHM operators. Additional safety equipment is encouraged.

  • There shall be no double riding except for manufactured double riding machines.

  • No person shall operate an Machine in an area not designated for operation.

  • No person shall operated an Machine in a reckless manner.

  • No person shall accelerate an Machine in such a manner that gravel or other debris is thrown from the wheels. This does not apply to the trail system or challenge track.

  • No person shall operate an Machine on any trail designated for bicycles or hikers.

  • No ATV, UTV, OHM shall be operated in the park during hours of darkness or before 8 am each morning.

  • Your machine must be equipped with a functioning muffler that prevents unusual or excessive noises. 

  • No person may manufacture, sell, rent or operate an ATV/UTV in such a manner that noise emitted from the machine is louder than 96 decibels when measured on the “A” scale; measured in the manner prescribed in the reaffirmed 1998–07, Society of Automotive Engineers Standard J1287, entitled Measurement of Exhaust Sound Levels of Stationary Motorcycles.

  • No one shall deny or refuse an inspection or testing of an Machine by any law enforcement officer who reasonably suspects a violation of an equipment requirement. 

  • Your machine must be equipped with a spark arrester at all times, even during the winter. 

  • No unauthorized person may operate any motorized vehicle in an area not designated for operation of that type of vehicle.

still have questions?  



  • 37" tires Maximum NO EXCEPTIONS

  • NO full-size pickup trucks.

Subrubans, Silverado's, Sierras, Excursions, F150's and up, Tundra, Ram 1500 and up. This list is for example purpose, if you have a question contact us.  

​We will limit the number of Road Legal 4x4 Vehicles to 20 per day EXCLUDING those that have camping reservations. If you have a camping reservation you are GUARUNTEED riding for the days of your stay, Limit of one 4x4 vehicle per campsite unless immediate family (husband, wife, brother, sister, significant other).


Full-size pickup trucks are PROHIBITED due to tight turns around trees and ledge rock. 

Midsize pickup trucks (Colorado’s, Tacoma’s, S-10’s, Rangers, etc.) are allowed.


Jeep Wranglers, Cherokees, Renegades, and all other vehicles (Toyota's, Chevrolet's, Fords, ect) of similar footprint and capabilities are allowed. 





Operating on the same 20 miles of trails as ATVs & UTVs, our 4x4 trails range from level 2 to 10 with 10 being the most difficult. Stock vehicles will NOT be able to cross a level 10 trail. Trails are meant for ROAD LEGAL 4x4 vehicles. If your tires, lifts, rims, etc. do not meet legal road specifications your vehicle will NOT be allowed.


Vehicles must be registered with the DMV and must be insured. Please view our inspection checklist and VEHICLE RESTRICTIONS (below) before you come to make sure you are in compliance. You may print this off and have filled out before you arrive. Copies will also be provided at registration.

It is highly suggested you ride the trails with one other vehicle minimum in case recovery is needed. We will not always have staff available for recoveries.

Helmets are not required for 4x4’s but seat belts must be worn at all times.

Trails are closed to all Jeep/4x4s 3rd weekend of every month.


Day = $30.00  ($25.00/Day if Camping)    

Seasonal = $250.00 (Expires Dec. 31st of each year)


Located at the main building, you must either register & pay to the park attendant or use the self-registration envelope & dropbox. 

  • All drivers & passengers MUST sign the waiver prior to riding the trails.

  • Complete and sign the safety checklist

Maps and brochures are located inside the doors of our building.

4x4 trail maps will have intersections and trail names labeled. 

The ORANGE and YELLOW Trails are level 9 or 10 and should not be driven on by any stock vehicle, your clearance is not large enough to safely traverse those colored trails.

4x4 Trail Map.png