4x4, ATV/UTV Trails:  miles of trails over 504 acres for beginner to experienced riders.


OMH Trails: 2.5 miles of single track trails that travel through hills, woods, field and rocks. Located 1/2 mile east of the park entrance on County Rd M

Village streets are open to ATV’s and UTV’s. Use the trail to access local businesses and restaurants!


Trails will reopen after the spring thaw. 

*Helmets are required to ride.

*FULL SIZED vehicles are not allowed.

*Vehicle must be registered & insured.

*Everyone must sign waivers prior to using the trails.

See a full list of rules and regulations below.

Prior to riding the trails, machines MUST register and riders MUST complete waivers.



8 am – dusk


Challenge track

10 am – 4:00 pm,

10- 1 pm Sunday


OHM Trail Hours:

10 am– 4 pm

Friday– Saturday,

10-1 pm Sunday



ATV / UTV / OHM Riding Fees:

Day = $10.00       Weekend (Fri-Sun) = $20.00

Week = $40.00     Seasonal = $75.00

4x4 Riding Fees:

$20 per day, Weekend pass (fri-sun) = $40

Fees while camping = $5 per OHV per Day

Horses may ride at their own risk for $5

Official Member of WATVA


Trail Rules and Regulations

Restrictions on motor vehicles:

Off Road motorcycles, three wheel ATV's , mini bikes, go carts, and other vehicles not specifically mentioned are banned from the park.

No unauthorized person may operate any motorized vehicle in an area not designated for operation of that type of vehicle.


Current DNR ATV registration is required for all ATV's in the Park. A Village of Tigerton yearly park sticker may be purchased for use in the park.

All ATV operators shall pay required fees and sign any agreement or waiver before use of the park.


  • No person shall operate an ATV at a speed of more than 15 mph in the park area unless on the challenge course or trail system.

  • DNR regulations on operation including youthful operation apply.

  • Helmets are required for all operators. Additional safety equipment is encouraged.

  • There shall be no double riding except for manufactured double riding machines.

  • No person shall operate an ATV in an area not designated for operation.

  • No person shall operated an ATV in a reckless manner.

  • No person shall accelerate an ATV in such a manner that gravel or other debris is thrown from the wheels. This does not apply to the trail system or challenge track.

  • No person shall operate an ATV on any trail designated for bicycles or hikers.

  • No ATV shall be operated in the park during hours of darkness or before 8 am each morning.

  • Your machine must be equipped with a functioning muffler that prevents unusual or excessive noises. 

  • No person may manufacture, sell, rent or operate an ATV/UTV in such a manner that noise emitted from the machine is louder than 96 decibels when measured on the “A” scale; measured in the manner prescribed in the reaffirmed 1998–07, Society of Automotive Engineers Standard J1287, entitled Measurement of Exhaust Sound Levels of Stationary Motorcycles.

  • No one shall deny or refuse an inspection or testing of an ATV/ UTV by any law enforcement officer who reasonably suspects a violation of an equipment requirement. 

  • Your machine must be equipped with a spark arrester at all times, even during the winter. 


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