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Hall Rentals

Hall rental is available for the Tigerton Community Center, American Legion Hall and the Community Park.  You must contact the Village Clerk to check availability and reserve one of these halls call 715-535-2262 or email .  Each location requires a $25 deposit to be paid when reserving.  More hall detail is listed below.

Tigerton Community Center

Address: 221 Birch Street


Max. Capacity: 250


Fee Per Day: $65 - General Public


Address: 223 Pine Street


Max. Capacity: 200


Fee Per Day:

$45 - General Public

$25 - Legion Member


Address: 236 Pine Street


Fee Per Day - Village Residents:

$25 - with Kitchen & Electricity

$0 - w/o Kitchen & Electricity


Fee Per Day - Non-Residents:

$50 - with Kitchen & Electricity

$25 - w/o Kitchen & Electricity


Tigerton Community Center.jpg
American Legion Hall
Community Park Shelter
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