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Tigerton Union Cemetery

Located at 530 Lynn Street, just off Hwy 45 on Hwy J and Lynn Street.

Cemetery Sexton: Paul Minniecheske 715-881-1134

Union Cemetery has 2 clean ups each year in the Spring & Fall. All items on grave sites must be removed or they will be disposed of.

  • Spring Clean up: Items must be removed by April 15th and may be placed back on grave sites on May 1st.

  • Fall Clean up: Items must be removed by October 15th and may be placed back on grave sites on November 1st.

Interested in buying a lot?

We are currently selling lots in our 4th addition. Cemetery Fees are listed below.

Please contact the Cemetery Sexton, Paul Minniecheske to discuss purchasing a lot.

Have an upcoming burial?

Please call the Cemetery Sexton, Paul Minniecheske to schedule a burial in the Union Cemetery.

Grave & Cremation Opening fees are listed below.

How do I transfer a space I own?

You may contact the Cemetery Clerk to do a transfer of ownership of lots.  You must have a notarized letter explaining the lot or lots you'd like to transfer.  The clerk is available to help with this process. Please have as much of the original space information as possible. Transfer fee is $5.


Cemetery Maps

Need Help Finding a Grave?

The Village Clerk will help with the location of where someone is buried.  Again we ask that you have as much information as possible to assist with the search.

You may Contact The Clerk via email and she will be able to search and email you a map with the highlighted lot.


Gravestone Images

View photos of gravestones with Rootsweb!

Click the buttons to the right to scroll through gravestone images at Union Cemetery.

Please note you should not search, names are listed in alphabetical order. This was done by an outside 3rd party, the Village did not compile any of this information. Lot descriptions may be different than our records.

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