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Water & Sewer/Garbage Bills are mailed out approximately the 2nd of each month and due on the 26th.  Actual readings are taken for every account (unless stated on the bill).  Billing periods are from the previous month.  A late charge of 1% will be added to bills not paid by the due date. Bills are calculated based on water consumption in addition to base rates. For questions regarding your bill, please contact the Village Clerk at 715-535-2262.


Bills may be paid the following ways:

  • Tigerton Water & Sewer, P.O. Box 147

  • The Village Clerk's Office at 221 Birch St.

  • Online payments are now available, click the Pay Online tab to learn more. 

  • There is also a black dropbox located outside of the Community Center Building.

Water Monthly Base Rates
5/8" meter            $11.33
3/4" meter            $11.33

1" meter                $17.51

1 1/4" meter          $21.61
1 1/2" meter          $27.81
2" meter                 $33.99
3" meter                 $46.35
4" meter                 $77.25

Water Volume Charge - All Meter Sizes
$6.13 per 1,000 gallons


Sewer Monthly Base Rates
5/8" meter            $10.70
3/4" meter            $10.70
1" meter               $13.60
1 1/2" meter         $18.00
2" meter               $24.00
3" meter               $37.00
4" meter               $56.00


Sewer Volume Charge

All Meter Sizes
$12.11/1,000 gals

of water used

Cold Winter Months

During the cold months, pipes may be susceptible to freezing.  You are only required to run water during these month if you have been instructed to do so.  Your bill will not receive a run water credit if you decide to do this on your own.  Please check with the Village before running constant water during winter.

The Village has contracted with Harter's Fox Valley disposal for weekly garbage pick up. The fee will be placed on the yearly tax bill.   Any business who needs garbage collection needs to contract with a waste hauler separately. If you have any questions about your service, please contact Harter's at 888-804-8556.


Garbage pickup is every Thursday. If the service day falls on or before a holiday, service will be one day later that week. Regular service will resume the following week. You must use clear bags for your garbage and keep recycling materials loose.  All items must be placed curbside by 6:00 am to insure pick-up for that day.

Garbage Fees are collected on the current year taxroll.

Year          Monthly           Annually

2021          $14.32             $171.84

2022          $14.61             $175.32

Any property occupied by a renter with a past due amount will be given a disconnect notice and have 10 days to pay the past due amount in full. Door hangers will be placed on homes 2 days before the scheduled disconnection. During the cold winter months, we will post pone disconnection to mid-April.  At that time, you must pay the entire past due amount to avoid being disconnected.

Property owners with delinquent accounts as of September 30th of each year may be placed on the tax roll for collection.

Billing Change

All changes on bills need to be made with the Utility Clerk as soon as possible. If you are moving out of your home, please notify us prior to the last day in the home. Use the contact form below to send your request to the Utility Clerk, please provide your account number if available along with the service address.


Changes may be any of the following: Billing Name or Address Change, Move in or Move out, No Garbage pickup, or any other issues related to you service.

Success! Message received.

The Village of Tigerton is served by the following utility companies:



    Central Wisconsin Electric Cooperative 

    800 377-2932


Natural Gas: 

    Wisconsin Public Service 

    800 450-7260


Water & Sewer: 

    Tigerton Water & Sewer 

    715 535-2262



    Harter's Fox Valley Discpossal

    888 804-8556

Past Due & Disconnect Info.
Garbage Service
Sewer Service
Water Service

Every 3 years the Village performs Lead & Copper water testing in Residential dwellings per the requirements of the WI DNR.  The action level for Copper is 1300ppb and Lead is 15ppb. Our 90th percentile was under the action level for both Lead & Copper.  You may view the results by clicking the link above.

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