Operating on the same 20 miles of trails as ATVs & UTVs, our 4x4 trails range from level 2 to 10 with 10 being the most difficult. Stock vehicles will NOT be able to cross a level 10 trail. Trails are meant for ROAD LEGAL 4x4 vehicles. If your tires, lifts, rims, etc. do not meet legal road specifications your vehicle will NOT be allowed.


Vehicles must be registered with the DMV and must be insured. Please view our inspection checklist and VEHICLE RESTRICTIONS (below) before you come to make sure you are in compliance. You may print this off and have filled out before you arrive. Copies will also be provided at registration.

It is highly suggested you ride the trails with one other vehicle minimum in case recovery is needed. We will not always have staff available for recoveries.

Helmets are not required for 4x4’s but seat belts must be worn at all times.


Day = $30.00      

Seasonal = $250.00 (Expires Dec. 31st of each year)


Located at the main building, you must either register & pay to the park attendant or use the self-registration envelope & dropbox. 

  • All drivers & passengers MUST sign the waiver prior to riding the trails.

  • Complete and sign the safety checklist

Maps and brochures are located inside the doors of our building.

4x4 trail maps will have intersections and trail names labeled. 

The ORANGE and YELLOW Trails are level 9 or 10 and should not be driven on by any stock vehicle, your clearance is not large enough to safely traverse those colored trails.

4x4 Trail Map.png





  • 37" tires Maximum NO EXCEPTIONS

  • NO full-size pickup trucks.

Subrubans, Silverado's, Sierras, Excursions, F150's and up, Tundra, Ram 1500 and up. This list is for example purpose, if you have a question contact us.  

​We will limit the number of Road Legal 4x4 Vehicles to 20 per day EXCLUDING those that have camping reservations. If you have a camping reservation you are GUARUNTEED riding for the days of your stay, Limit of one 4x4 vehicle per campsite unless immediate family (husband, wife, brother, sister, significant other).


Full-size pickup trucks are PROHIBITED due to tight turns around trees and ledge rock. 

Midsize pickup trucks (Colorado’s, Tacoma’s, S-10’s, Rangers, etc.) are allowed.


Jeep Wranglers, Cherokees, Renegades, and all other vehicles (Toyota's, Chevrolet's, Fords, ect) of similar footprint and capabilities are allowed.